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Free iPhone 4

The most amazing and thinnest Smart phone on the planet, the iPhone 4! The iPhone 4 is the second fastest selling iPhone (only beaten by the iPhone 4s!), and smartphone, to date, so sign up now and get yours!


The free iPhone 4 has the most impressive technical stats of any smart phone in the world to date! At its heart is the same processor that Apple have put in their free ipad! in comparison, the original free iPhone 3G had a processing speed of 412MHz, then the iphone 3GS had a processor speed of 600MHz, the new free iPhone 4 has a processor speed of 1GHz!


The iPhone 4 also has 100s of new features, such as the ability to multitask, so you can have easy access to the app's you have open.


One of the most impressive things about the free iPhone 4 is how the aerial works, it is built into the iPhone 4 and is the metal rim which runs around the the iPhone and is a structural part of the free iPhone 4! meaning it has a much better signal for all of its features!


The free iPhone 4 also now has a front facing camera, which is usable with there new video calling called ''face time'', you can use the back and front camera of the free iPhone 4 with this great new feature!


So get your hands on the best iPhone to date and sign up now.




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