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Free iPhone 4

The iPhone 5 will be coming soon, predicted to be mid 2011 (june-july release) to co-inside with the previous iPhone releases.


The new iPhone 5 will have a dual core processor, which will increase the speed even more! As well as the overall speed increase, the iPhone 5 will also have improved graphics, be able tp play games better, and will have an even clearer image (Which is amazing when you look at the display of an iPhone 4, hard to see how it can get better!)


The iPhone 5 will apparantly run on a 4G network rather then 3G, which will dramaticaly increase the download speed/browser speed (and anything else that mya use the network).


The free iPhone 5 will also have a brand new design, which will fix the reception problem a few iPhone 4 users experienced, it will also be thinner and sleeker.


The iPhone 5 will be the fastest selling smartphone (not just iPhone) to date, so make sure to sign up today and get ready for the biggest release to date!


The iPhone 5 will also come with a white version...from day 1!



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